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The Photography of Brenda Miles

I have been privileged to be an art photographer and portraitist for over 30 years now.  Going back through my archives to curate some of my favorite images to share with the world is an interesting and arduous journey - from pouring over notebooks filled with negatives to digging through boxes of prints to scouring hard drives for digital files languishing in 1's and zero's.  I've barely begun - and then there are all the new ideas for imagery traipsing through my brain!   

I began my love affair with photography back in the early 80's when I got ahold of my first 35 mm camera, taking photographs of my children.  I attended a photography and darkroom class at my local junior college, and I was hooked.  I happily labored hours upon hours developing film and prints in chemical soup in the dark.  I developed a style of hand-coloring black & white photographs - inspired by other artists of the day who were doing the same - and began exhibiting and selling work.  I received some recognition, having work published in photo magazines and even being featured in a book on the art of hand-coloring photographs.  

Then came the digital age; stomping through the world of photography like a herd of elephants.  When I saw that the photographers I most admired, and aspired to their level of craft, were making the change to digital imagery, I closed the door on my darkroom, and never looked back.  

The level of creativity that can be expressed in the digital realm is limitless, not to mention there are no noxious chemicals involved, and you can work in the light!  I have been toying with the idea of using my imagery on consumer products for years; and now it seems the time and the ability to do so has arrived.  

I have always been a romantic, and a wanderer, with an artist's soul.  The word Bohemian, being all those things mentioned, seemed the proper "brand," to use modern terms, for my site dedicated to such things.  In addition to my imagery, I thought it would  be fun to curate Boho-chic inspired adornments from exotic locales - both product lines being added to periodically from my own globe trotting excursions!  

Thank you for visiting my new corner of the internet universe, and I hope you leave here lifted up and inspired by what you see!  -Ms Boho,  Brenda Miles